Calendar of Events


Changing the World One Pair at a Time

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Cross with sunlight shining around it.

Holy Week

Palm Sunday

March 29 - Palm Parade at 9:15 AM (Open to All)
Worship Service at 9:30 AM

Maundy Thursday

April 2 - 7:00 PM
Holy Communion and Foot Washing Service

Prayer Vigil

The Sanctuary will be open for prayer and reflection beginning after the Maundy Thursday service and continuing until the Good Friday Service.

Good Friday Service

April 3 - 7:00 PM

Easer Day - April 5

Sunrise Service at 6:30 AM
Worship Services at 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM


Three crosses stood on Calvary’s brow. One man died there because he loved. Two died because they hated. One hated to the end. Another renounced hatred and surrendered to love. The scene is a final picture of the eternal opposition of love and hatred.  Love includes all the virtues; hatred includes all the vices. The conflict between Good and Evil ultimately narrows to a titanic struggle between these two forces.

Physical suffering was equally real for the three men on Calvary’s three crosses. The difference lay in why they suffered and how they suffered. Jesus was crucified because he loved humanity, because he sought to give life, because he dared resist evil. The two thieves were crucified because they hated humanity, because they sought to take life, and because they dared resist good. Hatred incarnated in them attempted to destroy love incarnated in Jesus. Thus, though the thieves shared the suffering with him, they also caused his suffering. Evil kills both its friends and its foes. It is death; it can never give life. God is life; it can never take life. Hatred and love are the processes of life-taking and life-giving.